Virtual Geo relies on a very experienced team that saw the implementation of the Ellipso system with the Boeing Company from concept to licensing and through the initial steps of the system construction. Its collective experience spans over forty years in the satellite communications industry with a proven track record in taking the Ellipso and Virtual Geo innovative, patented satellite technologies from conceptualization and development to the acquisition of licenses from the US Federal Communication Commission and the associated International Telecommunications Union coordination efforts. Through the years, the management team has made a steadfast commitment to the commercialization of a technology ahead of its time which now allows for its re-emergence at a time when there is an immediate, systemic need for multifaceted communications in the global marketplace.

Key Personnel

Virtual Geo Satellite relies on the management talent of Ellipsat, Inc. to implement the next critical phases of its implementation together with a team of experienced industry and finance professionals. Key personnel include:

Dr. David Castiel

Dr. David Castiel is President and CEO and was the founder of Ellipso, Inc., a high-level technology company with a variety of assets in the non-geostationary satellite systems sector. Dr. Castiel developed the concepts and patents and directed the FCC licensing efforts, funding and early implementation of the Ellipso system with Boeing as system integrator. Dr. Castiel is also founder of Ellipsat’s subsidiary Virtual Geosatellite LLC, a company with a revolutionary space concept with applications to broadband communications in the commercial and military fields.

Prior to forming Ellipso and Virtual Geo Satellite, Dr. Castiel was Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC) – a joint venture of Hughes Aircraft Corporation and others, and oversaw the development and implementation of AMSC's business and marketing strategy. Before joining AMSC, Dr. Castiel was Director of Business Development for Satellite Communications Products at Hughes Network Systems, a subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft Corporation, and also held senior telecommunications positions at Booz, Allen & Hamilton and General Electric Information Services Company. He also taught Physics at college level.

David Castiel received his BS in Physics from the University of Montréal and attended McGill University for the MS program in Solid State Physics. He received his doctorate in Theoretical Solid State Physics, with high distinction, and a graduate business degree both from the University of Paris, France. He was a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of California at Irvine, where he conducted research in Surface Solid State Physics. He has published numerous scientific, technical and business papers, and has spoken at industry events. Dr. Castiel holds numerous patents for his inventions. He is also fluent in Spanish and French and is a published author.

Ambassador (retired) Gerald D. Helman

Ambassador Gerald B. Helman retired from the United States Foreign Service before joining Ellipso and now Ellipsat, Inc and Virtual Geo Satellite, LLC as Vice President for International and Government Affairs.

Prior to retirement from the foreign service, Ambassador Helman served as US representative on the High Level Committee responsible for reorganizing the International Telecommunication Union. Ambassador Helman also served as Alternate US representative to the World Administrative Radio Conference on spectrum allocation. Previously, Ambassador Helman served as Deputy to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and as his Senior Advisor.  In that capacity, his responsibilities included managing aspects of U.S. Afghan policy and support programs, organizing and directing programs in support of democratic development worldwide, and chairing and managing the Policy Coordinating Committee on International Broadcasting established by the President of the United States of America. He also chaired and managed the interagency task force responsible for all aspects of Desert Shield's and Desert Storm's public diplomacy.

Mr. Helman was also United States Ambassador to the European Office of the United Nations. In the course of his career, Ambassador Helman held a variety of other senior positions: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Multilateral Affairs; Director of the Office of United Nations Political Affairs; Deputy Director, Office of NATO-Atlantic Political-Military Affairs; andDeputy Political Advisor, US Mission to NATO. Ambassador Helman received his BA and JD from the University of Michigan.  

Linda Awkard, Esquire

Ms. Awkard has provided representation to Ellipso and Virtual Geo since 2005, now Ellipsat, and has practiced commercial law  for over thirty years, advising clients on a wide range of matters ranging from real estate, leasing, franchises, bulk sales contracts, asset-based financing, arbitration, lender liability, environmental audits, to government regulations and contracting including SBA, DOD, EPA, NASA and FCC agencies.  Her client list has included major financial institutions and blue chip corporations.

Ms. Awkard has professional licenses with the State of New York, US District Court for the Southern District of NY, District of Columbia, US District Court for the District of Columbia, United States Supreme Court and previously Florida - Corporate Counsel.  She obtained her Jurisprudence Doctor, at Fordham University School of Law and earned a Graduate Certificate in International and Domestic Business Transactions from Harvard Law School and holds a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from, Florida State University. She has served on the Board of Directors of the US Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the Telecommunications and Regulatory Affairs Committee of the Chamber.

John W. Brosius, III, Chief Scientist

John W. Brosius (Jay Brosius) joined Ellipso as its primary technology officer and is an inventor of the Virtual Geo and Ellipso technologies.  As Chief Scientist, he was responsible for system requirements definition, system concept definition, system design optimization, including all technical appendices required by the FCC.  Mr. Brosius assisted both the FCC and ITU in the creation of rules and standards for interference-free spectrum re-use as it pertains to Virtual Geo.

Under the Ellipso program, he oversaw the relationships with and between sub-contractors to Boeing in the communications sub-system (Harris), power sub-system (IAI), ground segment (Lockheed-Martin) and user segment (L3-Com).

Before joining Ellipso and now Ellipsat, Mr. Brosius held several Lead Engineer positions in the fields of satellite and radio technology at the MITRE Corporation, where he specialized in air interface communications systems, including military satellite projects. Mr. Brosius also worked for SkyBitz, TrueNorth, and Locata, where he authored several patents. 

Mr. Brosius holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Washington University, an MBA from the University of Virginia and a MS in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University. He holds several patents related to the technologies of the Ellipso and Virtual Geo systems.