Access For All

Connectivity everywhere, including the most remote corners of the world means access to information, ability to communicate, and enhanced worldview for everyone.


Access to information means educating the population which remains in the dark regarding proper healthcare and lacks fundamental academic resources.

Disaster Relief Communications

We rely on our technology to know where we are at all times. Imagine the improvements that can be made to emergency care and disaster relief if we could reach the people in need.


Today, the ability to save lives in remote, underserved areas rests essentially on the communication path. Advances in medical treatments and technology can be made available by medical professionals to local support organizations through remote diagnostics, expert advice and palliative care with Virtual Geo’s real-time broadband services, everywhere on the planet.

Polar Regions

Hundreds if not thousands of small communities are practically disconnected from the wide world. Geostationary satellites provide limited, very expensive and episodic service when at all. Prospecting and exploration services rely on slow, unreliable and cumbersome work-arounds. Virtual Geo can provide broadband to laptops and other devices to these “forgotten” regions connecting them to the rest of the world for health services, education and economic development.

Video Streaming

With its unprecedented access to premium Ku Band spectrum, Virtual has the ability to provide streaming video via satellite on a global scale without limitation to latitude or longitude. Multicast or unicast are no longer limited to bandwidth as with traditional satellite based services. A fiber-like experience can be offered to everyone on the planet. Whether unicast or multicast, Virtual Geo provides an optimum solution to users’ needs.

Rural Broadband

Virtual Geo’s unprecedented access to spectrum in Ku (and other choice bands) makes rural Internet access – the holy grail of regulators – a reality. No longer should rural users be constrained by restrictive (and expensive) services and bandwidth limitations for their Internet use, including surfing, video download, and gaming.

Enhanced Broadcast Services

Current broadcast offerings can be expanded to additional channels tailored to specific local audiences on a global scale. Thousands of HD channels are unleashed thanks to Virtual Geo’s ability to harness spectrum and reuse it over and over again.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Virtual Geo can support the nascent and rapidly developing Internet of things by which devices, from refrigerators to cars to air conditioning units to perhaps even toasters, pipeline monitoring devices, and oil rigs can all be linked to the global Internet for health and status monitoring, diagnostics and control.

Aeronautical Communications

Today, airline passengers may communicate with difficulty if at all over transoceanic flights, especially over polar routes. Similarly, flight data has proven elusory in remote, sparsely populated oceanic areas, especially at extreme latitudes. Virtual Geo’s unique coverage and Single Hop™ operation make this a thing of the past. Broadband. Economical. Everywhere.


Virtual Geo provides a perfect fit for the new broadband-hungry transformational defense systems. Together with national security organizations, both domestic and foreign Virtual Geo can contribute to a safer and more peaceful world by expanding the use of space-based communications unconstrained by spectrum concerns and utilizing Virtual Geo’s exclusive Global Single Hop™ capability.


Virtual Geo is a previously FCC and ITU approved satellite system that is uniquely positioned to provide global broadband communications to commercial and government markets using a patented, revolutionary non-geostationary constellation architecture that affords:

The complete reuse of otherwise unavailable frequency spectrum, unleashing a myriad high bandwidth applications.

A unique capability allowing the communication within an entire hemisphere via a single satellite hop.

Very high cost-effectiveness: unconstrained by spectrum limitations, Virtual Geo can gracefully grow to a terabit(s) system as market demand develops, reducing capital costs and risks and thus achieving or exceeding terabit system economies of scale.

Long dwell times over services areas with low latency: broadcast and critical missions can be supported without hand-offs and/or interruptions.

Content providers to deploy their own cost effective and regulatory approved global network for the distribution of advanced new services.

The steadiness of Geos with the low latency and flexibility of non-Geos.